Friday, 10 June 2016

The new level of violent rhetoric that is now being associated with Atheist Ireland.

I hadn't planned to write anything about the latest defamatory smears that are being levelled at Atheist Ireland as an organisation at at specific members of the organisation. I even went so far, for personal reasons, to request from Peter Ferguson that I be untagged from any further tweets which he had agreed to do, and I want to thank him for that. I had planned not to comment any further on this, it was just becoming too exhausting. But last night I made the mistake of putting 'Atheist Ireland' into a search on Twitter. Damn my curiosity.

As I read though the tweets I noticed a pattern emerging. A level of violence in the tweets that I had not previously noticed. Or was it that I had become so de-sensitised that I had stopped noticing.

Michael Nugent has written about this latest round of defamatory smears and John Hamill has written on the very damage these smears can cause. But when did it become acceptable to link Atheist Ireland and a individual member of Atheist Ireland with such violence? 

The tweets in order by date:

So, are we all ok with this? I really hope not. 


  1. There was a massive fire in a Dusseldorf refugee home this week where 282 refugees lived.

    Smoke could be seen all over the city.

    Peter Ferguson made no comment.

  2. Never mind all that ... the real problem is use of the term "wing nut":